What is a Neighbourhood Development Order?

A Neighbourhood Development Order can grant planning permission for specified developments in a neighbourhood area. Once established, there would be no need for anyone to apply to the council for planning permission if it is for the type of development covered by the order.

Why a Neighbourhood Development Order for Cockermouth?

Following the flood of November 2009 there were incidences where the restoration work was delayed because of the need to apply for planning permission. This led to a wider debate as to what types of development should be allowed to proceed without the need for planning permission.

Cockermouth Town Council has taken the decision to use its neighbourhood planning powers to develop a Neighbourhood Development Order that would grant automatic planning permission for a certain types of development and changes of use.

The Town Council considers that the types of development that would be permitted by the Neighbourhood Development Order would bring wider environmental, social and economic benefits to the town.

Where can I view the documents

The Neighbourhood Development Orders and associated supporting Statements can be viewed on the Allerdale Borough Council website at www.allerdale.gov.uk/ndo

Please click the map for an enlarged PDF copy

cockermouth parish close up