Allerdale recycling facilities

Allerdale Council provides doorstep and commercial recycling facilities for Cockermouth

This is a useful link to labels and knowing what can be recycled:

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Let’s expand recycling facilities locally

We are exploring the possibility of getting more terracyle collection points in Cockermouth  This is an initiative to enable people to recycle waste which is not usually collected, as it is lower quality and harder to sort.  Let us know if you decide to host a collection point locally.

Cockermouth Recycling

Other local recycling options




Batteries Aldi


Low Rd, Cockermouth CA13 0HH

Station Rd, Cockermouth CA13 9RS

Plastic bags Sainsbury’s Station Rd, Cockermouth CA13 9RS
Pet food packaging WCF Pet and Equestrian Station Rd, Cockermouth CA13 9PX
Oral care products St Helen’s Dental Practice


Market Place, Cockermouth CA13 9NQ


Station Rd, Cockermouth CA13 9RS

Pen recycling

Wordsworth house and Garden Main Street, Cockermouth CA13 9RX
Water filters Sainsbury’s Station Rd, Cockermouth CA13 9RS